Agapornis Magazine Vol. V 
Fall / Winter 2017
GUCCI Pre-Fall 2017

In another dimension we would still be friends.

Photography : César Segarra
Collage : Lola Dupre
Styling : Laura Mata
Make up : Miquel Cristobal
Art Direction : Ella office
Post production : Jose Gil Die @ The Hot Shot
Collage Retouching : Alina Kovban

Cristina Stolhe & Fiona, Alex Francisco, Lynch & Um, Laura Agusti & Oy, Salva Lopez & Tirita,  Alba Yruela & Coco wear GUCCI Pre-Fall 2017

In the fifth volume of Agapornis Magazine, we want to reveal how animals have become, not only our life mates, but one of our biggest inspirations. It comprehends a recompilation of articles and editorials curated and specially done for our magazine.

142 pages with great illustrators and photographers featured: Jaime Arribas Leal, Harry Baker, Joel Burden, Silvia Conde, Johnny Crisp, Miquel Cristóbal, Eva Dieckhof, Lola Dupré, Freddy Engel, Paley Fairman, Frecklesnur, Alberto García del Castillo, Jose Gil Díe, Rachel Israela, Kokooma, Susana López, Irene de Mas Castanyer, Elena Medel, Marc Medina, Lucía Morales, Steve Rogenbuck, Leticia Sala, César Segarra, Sophia Schwan, Joanna C. Valente, Nuno Vieira