Reinvention of the Soul For Old Tat Magazine The SS16 Monochrome with a Dash of Colour Issue
and The Aniticlone X exhibition with Sade English at no format contemporary visual arts gallery

Photographer : Josh Faux
Collage Illustration : Lola Dupre
Creative direction and model : Sade English
Make up artist : Luke Harris
Assistant : Ebere Anosike
Garments : Sade English Skin Collection
Photo retouching : Alina Kovban

Reinvention of the Soul II - Anticlone Embodied for Glassbook
Creative Director: Sade English
Photographer: Warren King
Collage Illustration: Lola Dupre
Make-Up: Luke Harris
Model: Sade English
Collage retouching: Alina Kovban
Designs: Sade English, Embodied Collection
Shoes: Rick Owens