MIGRATE Magazine, from Reinvention of the Soul with Sade English and Josh Faux
Penta Magazine from Barron’s, with Annie Chia and Chris Mihal
The Baffler, no. 35 The Bad Society, with art director Lindsay Ballant
Fake Plastic Girl, Zara Lisbon, macmillan, Henry Holt and Co.
Pacific Standard Magazine October 2017, with Art Director Taylor Le
The New Republic, Assad, with creative director Dirk Barnett
Artepoli with Tre and Elmaz
99 percent invisible No2 // (Winter 2016), with Andrei Burcea and Irina Radulescu
California Sunday Magazine Joel Dreyer, With art director Leo Jung
The Wave, Lochlan Bloom, FiST, Dead Ink Book
Фото Мастерска
Mes Bifurcations, Andre Brink / Babel
Flair Italia, Issue #4 Spring, Editorials
The Portland Mercury
Libertarian, Futurology - Issue #9 with William Kano